The Do’s and Dont’s of Your Dog in Your Engagement Session

You and your partner recently got engaged and now you’re planning your engagement session! If the two of you are dog lovers, then you probably want to include your fur baby in your session. Why not?! They are basically the third wheel in your relationship! But before you call your photographer and ask if they’ll let you bring “Rover” along for photos, there are a few things to consider for a successful photo shoot! Here are a few reminders for your dog in your engagement session:

The Dos and Donts of Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Session

Do choose the right location

Whether your dog is well-socialized or is more of a homebody, it’s important to choose a location that they will enjoy and means something to the two of you. You want your dog to be comfortable in the environment you pick, so choosing a place that they frequent often will be best. If you don’t know of any spots that would work, try checking out their favorite park or hanging out at their favorite place in the neighborhood (like a path by the river that you usually frequent.) Try not to choose a spot that will be too busy or noisy obviously distracting or upsetting more timid dogs. A quiet area in a public park can be a great spot. Be sure that the location you select allows dogs.

Don’t skip the dog treats and favorite toys!

Remember the treats! This should be an obvious one, but it’s important to mention that you’ll want to bring along a treat stash. Your dog will likely need some coaxing to get him in front of the camera and happy with his surroundings, so don’t forget those treats or any of the following items:

  • Treats
  • A squeaky toy (or two!)
  • A favorite ball
The Dos and Donts of Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Session
The Dos and Donts of Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Session

Do remember a non-retractable leash

Being able to control your dog at all times is imperative to a successful session! Even if your dog has great recall, she will need to be leashed the entire time unless we’re on your personal property. I require non-retractable leashes during my photo sessions and recommend a nice leather leash like this one. Not only will you have control, but they photograph exceptionally well.

The Dos and Donts of Your Dog in Your Engagement Session

Do bring along a friend

When you schedule your engagement session, I recommend bringing a friend or family member to help with your sweet pup. That way we can capture plenty of photos with just the two of you! And your dog can hang out and play with someone they trust and know already.


I hope this article has given you some good thoughts on what to remember before setting out for your Engagement Session. Most of my couples include their dogs during their photos, so I’ve been able to compile the most important points that help ensure a successful, safe, and enjoyable photo shoot that provides lovely photos with your dog included.

Looking to book your dog-friendly engagement session or wedding? Shoot me a message here!

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